Uganda has been ranked 11th country in the world that has Suppressed COVID-19 Transmission with covid 19 cases 7218.


According to a report submitted to the United Nations, the Lancet Medical Journal ranked 91 countries around the world based on the incidence or the number of new cases per million population per day averaged during August. They classified countries into five categories.


Categories include those that have suppressed, they considered countries with new cases that are less than or equal to 5 per a-million population a day whereas those ranked in the low transmission category, had new cases less than or equal to 10. Uganda recorded an average of 157 cases of COVID-19 in the month during the month, from a population of 44 million people.

countries tthat  suppressed  the virus include;

  1. Taiwan
  2. Thailand
  3. Vietnam
  4. Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  5. Cambodia
  6. China
  7. Myanmar
  8. Malaysia
  9. New Zealand
  10. Uganda
  11. Togo
  12. Pakistan
  13. Latvia
  14. Rwanda
  1. Luxembourg

Countries with a high transmission;

  1. Bolivia
  2. Spain
  3. Kuwait
  4. The United States
  5. Argentina
  6. Brazil
  7. Bahrain
  8. Panama
  9. Columbia

For countries that have been ranked as high transmission, the report notes, the reason for failure to control new infections had to do with failure by countries to take up scientifically proven measures such as face masks, sanitizing, testing and contact tracing in addition to what they called the style of political leadership referred to as medical populism.

Source; campustimesug