Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), according to a source is preparing a policy that among others would require Ugandans to bathe before entering Kampala City.

“We have constructed 24 shower points on all major roads into the city. It will be mandatory for people to bathe before entering Kampala or they will be barred from accessing the City,” he said.

The move according to a source inside the authority is aimed at sanitizing the air saturation in the city after a recent report highlighted that body o dour was a leading cause of air pollution in Kampala City.

According to the source, scientists measured the quality of air from January to June 2022, and found that body odour in Kampala was causing air pollution. The scientists, he further told this reporter, made “serious observations and also interviewed people within the City.”

However there are fears that the policy will be condemned by human rights activists who will likely argue that it infringes on people’s rights.

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The source also revealed that KCCA has instituted a task force to implement the policy.

“If one bathes at any of the shower points,” he said, “they receive a one-day permit to enter the City, and would have to do the same another day.”

If passed, Kampala will become the first City in the entire world to implement a policy that requires people to bathe before accessing it.

At the time of filing the story, the authority was yet to make an official statement on the reports and the spokesperson was unreachable as our repetitive calls went unanswered.

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