Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF) handed over 34 rescued Congolese Nationals to the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo, known as (FARDC) on Saturday.

The victims were taken by the Allied Defence Force (ADF) rebels, and they were rescued during the ongoing UPDF operation called ‘Operation Shujaa’ in the Eastern Congo.

The 34 victims that included men, women, and children were handed over to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) embassy in Kampala by the UPDF Land Force Commander Lt. Gen. Kayanja Muhanga to Brig. Gen Antoine Gbagolo-Ngondo of FARDC.

The handover was held at the Headquarters of the UPDF in Muhooti Barracks in Fort Portal City.

“On behalf of FARDC and Kinshasa I promise that the 34 rescued victims will be rehabilitated before they are reunited with their families in Eastern DRC,” said Brig Gen Antoine Gbiagolo-Ngondo.

According to Lt Gen Kayanja Muhanga, the rescued were flown from Tokomeka to Uganda as there is no road network from the area where they were rescued from. The 34 have been taken care of by the UPDF since their rescue from ADF.

“I thank the civilians of both countries for the continued support rendered to both the UPDF and FARDC during the joint operations which have seen many operational objectives realized,” said Dick Olum.

According to Maj Bilal Katamba the UPDF Mountain Division Public Information Officer who also speaks for the joint operation, the operation has recovered many weapons from the ADF, denied them freedom of recruitment, disrupted their logistical supplies, and arrested a number of their collaborators.

“If this joint synergy continues with this momentum, we shall see the end of this monster called ADF,” Maj Katamba noted.

Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF)

UPDF is a nonpartisan force, national in character, patriotic, professional, disciplined, productive and subordinate to the civilian authority as established under the constitution.

The UPDF’s interest is to protect Uganda and Africa at large. Providing a safe and secure environment in which all Ugandan citizens can live and prosper.

Functions OF UPDF

  • To preserve and defend the sovereignty and interior integrity of Uganda.
  • To co-operate with civilian authority in emergencies in cases of
    natural disasters.
  • To foster harmony and understanding between the defence forces and
  • To engage in productive activities for the development of Uganda.