UPDF is investigating an unruly soldier who is now dead for going on rampage and firing random bullets in public killing five people on the spot.

O’Mara Corporal Dennis Awillo went on a shooting spirit today morning at Nansana, Nganda division Wakiso district in unclear circumstances. In the process, two LDUnit personnel, one civilian, one special police constable we’re all gunned down and four other pupils have also been reported critically injured.

Jacob Omukwana a medical officer who neighbours the LDU detach says O’Mara shot his victims following a misunderstanding with his colleagues.

According to another resident on the scene Dan Mukisa said the incident scary given the remaining days to presidential elections, he further said the army should screen the mental state of officers before giving them guns.

The Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that the soldier could have been under the influence of alcohol when he gunned down Innocent civilians and colleagues. He said investigations are still ongoing and the bodies have been taken to Mulago city mortuary.

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