Last week, social media was awash with reports indicating that Kony had written to President Museveni asking for a resumption of peace talks and that he wants a team including the deputy speaker of parliament, Jacob Oulanyah sent for negotiations.

Addressing journalists on Monday, the deputy army spokesperson, Lt. Col. Deo Akiiki said there has not been any communication to them in that line.

“As UPDF, we have not got any communication in that line. We can therefore not deny nor accept it,” Akiiki said .

The deputy army spokesperson explained that in any case, it would be government to communicate to members of the public about any intentions to resume the peace talks with the LRA rebel leader.

“When the right time comes, government will inform you but as UPDF, we have not seen such a thing.”

In 1995, Joseph Kony, a former altar boy waged war against the Ugandan government that saw thousands of locals from Northern Ugandan killed, maimed and displaced from their homes and relegated to staying in IDP camps.

 Joseph Kony
Joseph Kony

The two-decade insurgency also gave rise to concentration camps in Northern Uganda where over two million people were confined but people have slowly returned to their homes after Kony and his rebel group was dislodged to the Central African Republic by the UPDF.

On several occasions, there have been efforts to have peace talks with the rebels but not much has been achieved from the same.

In 2013, the US government placed a $5 million cash bounty on information leading to Kony’s arrest over crimes against humanity that the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group that he commands, committed to the people of Northern Uganda.

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