Jessica Alupo, the Vice-President of Uganda, has urged women of both Mityana and Kassanda districts to uphold family values for a better society.

In a speech that was delivered by lands minister Judith Nabakooba who was representing her during the Mityana Diocesan Mothers’ Union Celebration held in Kawungeera Archdeaconry Church Mityana, Alupo said family values such as putting God first in everything are a cornerstone for a stable community.

Ladies and gentlemen, families comprising of God-fearing parents and children are the cornerstone of a stable community. Such families are the foundation and nucleus of our society, whose stability ensures the stability and continuity of our nation,” she said.

She explained that such families are the foundation and nucleus of our society, whose stability ensures the stability and continuity of our nation.

“It is therefore organisations such as Mother’s Union, that values of parenting are further strengthened in our communities. This is my motivation to join you today in your effort to further strengthen your capabilities in implementing women’s programs and activities in the Diocese,” she said.

Alupo also urged women to work hard to improve their livelihoods by engaging in various economic activities.

“While I commend and encourage you to continue embracing the original values of the Mother’s Union; and to uphold the moral and ethical codes that are central to your work, I encourage you to embrace money generating projects that will offer you capacity to act independently. For a long time, women have occupied a prominent position among the special interest groups that are catered for in all Government development strategic plans,” she said.

“I therefore invite everybody to contribute generously towards empowering the women of Mityana Diocese to ease their means of transport to conduct and oversee their development programs.”

Hon. Alupo also donated sh20m which, according to Nabakooba, is meant to help aid the work being done by Mityana Mother’s Union.

Nabakooba reechoed the importance of family saying it is the most important aspect of any society, and also urged parents to ensure their children, most especially the girls, go to school.

The most important aspect of our society is the family. I urge you parents of Mityana to ensure that your children go to school, most especially the girl child. As you already could be knowing, if you educate a boy, you educate an individual, but if you educate a girl, you educate the entire community,” she said.

She called for sensitisation of people about land matters saying this would help solve at least half the land problems most people face.

I call upon leaders in both Kassanda and Mityana to sensitive people about land matters. This will help solve some of the land problems the community could be facing,” she said.

Hon.Judith Nabakooba representing Vice President, Jessica Alupo in Mityana.

Nabakooba also encouraged leaders in both districts to urge people to participate in Government programs such as the Parish Development Model and Emyooga among others.

She also hinted on the new Government of Uganda and World Bank program worth sh800b meant to support women in business encouraging people to seek advice from their local leaders on how they can tap into the it.

The Mityana Diocese Bishop, Joseph Bukomeko, urged Mityana people to be united and all time, and to also work hard in order to improve their livelihoods.

Unity is key for any society to move forward. I urge you people in Mityana Diocese to be united, and work hard and smart in order to secure your livelihoods,” he said, adding that Church of Uganda has played a key role in fostering peace and unity among people.

The out-going president of Mityana Mother’s Union, Jane Kato, while giving an address during the event, encouraged the women to ensure peace and harmony their homes saying that this can be done by avoiding cheating and respecting their husbands.

She also encouraged them to put God first in everything they do if they want to have successful marriages.

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