URA is increasingly reaching out to higher institutions of learning to instill a culture of voluntary tax compliance and their social responsibility as citizens.

This is premised on the fact that human beings worldwide do not want to pay taxes. Micheal Masembe, the Ag. Manager Tax Education believes that the best way of meeting a tax-paying culture is to start from the grass root level since the youth constitute most of Uganda s population.

During the recent Tujenge bus Western tour, four universities were visited, and their libraries were equipped with different tax literature. These were Ibanda University, Kyambogo University, and Kampala International University in Bushenyi.

At the KIU campus Hassan Amwine, the institution’s librarian disclosed that other than the students, they have other guests that consume the tax literature daily. This goes a long way in equipping Ugandans with tax information.

Masembe adds that with several tax clubs established in different schools, Uganda will have a compliant generation shortly.

Tax education in schools is also part of URA‘s outreach programs meant to extend tax services closer to the communities.

“A tax-literate society eases voluntary tax compliance. The distribution of taxation handbooks facilitates the formation of tax Info-centers and supplements the already existing tax education programs,” Masembe explained.

Aside from mobile bus services, URA has most of its services accessible online, and taxpayer queries can be responded to instantly using WhatsApp line 0772140000. WhatsApp also helps reach more persons, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises, the young and Ugandans in the diaspora making it easy for taxpayers to comply.

URA also conducts online tax engagements, serialized tax drama, financial literacy programs, radio and TV awareness, tax clinics, and workshops all aimed at advancing tax knowledge.