The US Mission in Uganda has explained the presence of the American navy ship in Mombasa, Kenya, noting that combating terrorism within the East African region and the Horn of Africa is one of the reasons.

The US Naval ship, Woody Williams, that docked at Mombasa,  last week, has a wide range of military capacities and is set to execute several missions.

The ship has the capacity for four helicopters on its flight deck, can launch unmanned assets, and includes command and control systems.

The crew includes both civilian mariners and sailors aboard the ship and is the second in the Lewis B. Puller-class of expeditionary sea base vessels.

The docking of the ship has created a mixture of excitement and tension among people in the Eastern Region.

.“In this complex maritime environment, a ship like this enables options to project power with a persistent presence,” Vice Adm. Gene Black, U.S. 6th Fleet commander, said in a statement. “The ship is ideal for missions in this theater as it can readily integrate with the Marines and our allies and partners in many of our operations throughout the region at varying levels of complexity.”

“We’ve already got a great mission set setup, where we’re going, what we’re going to do and who we’re going to work with. And I tell you, it’s going to be very exciting,” Gray was quoted as saying by the the US Naval Institute (USNI).



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