The US mission has criticized the arrest of human rights lawyer Nicholas Opiyo and has tasked the government to ensure his safety.

His arrest came a few days following his meeting with the US ambassador together with leaders of the Uganda labourer’s association and other human rights activists on transparency, accountability and ending culture of impunity such that all Ugandans can thrive.

Opiyo was picked up by plain clothes security operatives from a restaurant in Kamwokya yesterday where he was having lunch with friends.

Uganda police later confirmed his arrest by the special investigations division and they say that it was for his involvement in money laundering and other related malicious acts.

In a statement posted on her official Twitter handle of the US ambassador to Uganda Natalie Brown describes the arrest as troubling.

She says Opiyo was somebody impressing in uplifting his fellow citizens who were troubled by the state of security in the country.

She also called upon the Ugandan government to treat him with utmost respect and ensure that his rights are not stepped on.

She further appreciated the human rights activists and the leadership of the Uganda laborer’s society for shining the light on human rights issues.

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