If you are an avid social media fan, then you have noticed the name Bridget Bema trending on several platforms for the better part of Wednesday and Thursday, December 10.

This came after the young comedian‘s team released a comic video that went viral leaving many in stitches and praising her for being the ‘baddest’ hooligan in primary school.

The scene was set in a primary school where students assembled outside their classes and were called to the front, one after the other, for different indiscipline issues.

What struck many is that Bridget was in every indiscipline case and as the pupils called forward and knelt down in different rows owing to the gravity of their mistakes, she kept switching to the next one.

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As the teacher called out the culprits, from those who failed to sweep, spoke mother tongue in school, arrived late, noisemakers and even bullies, Bridget ticked every box.

She had to move from this group of culprits to the next, increasing her punishment and the teacher noticed how just notorious she was.

The video cracked up not only Ugandans but also Africans who loved every bit of it as it reminded them of their time back in school.

Watch Video Below:

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