Musician Catherine Kusaasira has narrated how Balaam is bad hearted and has painted a bad picture for NRM.

Earlier this week, social media was awash with stories of many musicians and music promoters who support NRM saying that Balaam is self centered and selfish.

In an interview with NBS’s Uncut, Kusaasira confirmed the stories. She said that Balaam is so selfish and does not want other people to develop. “Balaam will help you and still go behind your back and furnish your name.

I have dealt with him on so many occasions but I have heard enough of him. I personally have presented my ideas to the President but he always comes up to make the final decisions on behalf of the decisions.

A lot of these young people, would be better off if Balaam wasn’t at the center of it all. I hate Balaam and I never want to meet him.

He is selfish and bad hearted. ”she ranted Kusaasira further stressed that Balaam has painted a very bad picture for NRM.

She advised him to instead concentrate on supporting other NRM supporters so that they can uplift its strength. She however revealed that Balaam’s ill character will never stoop her from supporting NRM and President Museveni.