A video of a Kenyan woman identified as Sharon Njeri alias Shadodo, that has gone viral on social media being filmed by her husband taking poison has broken many people’s hearts.

According to the trusted sources of the Kenyan websites, Sharon was a wife to a kenyan Spin master DJ Brownskin Fullu Fullu.

In the video, the alleged husband of the late Sharon is seen looking on as the woman is taking an allegedly poisonous substance.

After taking the substance, Sharon pretends to leave the room and throws the empty bottle at him before coming back and lying on a chair in the same location.

She takes a brief nap of sorts, wakes up, and then reclines in the same chair with her back to the house’s floor.

“I’m done. Tell my kids and people I love them,” Brow skin’s wife says in the video.

The man who appears to be the one filming the video sits quietly the entire time and does nothing to save her life.

The allegedly poisonous substance had its effect on her at that point, and she died. Reports from Kenya indicate that she died on July 29, 2022.

https://micmedia.ug/father-takes-rat-poison-after-killing-his-two-children-isingiro-district/Father Takes Rat Poison After Killing His Two Children -Isingiro District.

watch full video below

“WARNING: The content contained within this article features imaginary and a video which readers may find disturbing”