Police in Kampala has arrested a UPDF soldier for allegedly trying to shoot a traffic police officer who was on duty.

In a video making rounds on social media platforms, two traffic police officers have seen wrestling to the ground an unidentified man as onlookers are heard shouting in support of the cops.

According to police officers privy to the matter, the  incident happened on Saturday at Kibuye roundabout when a UPDF solider  RA 080643 WO1 Herbert Kakama attached to Chief of Training and Recruitment, Mbuya, was arrested for trying to shoot a traffic police officer .

The said UPDF officer had parked  a vehicle registration number  UBK 210V at Kibuye roundabout opposite Shell petrol station blocking big trucks from joining the roundabout causing concern from traffic officers.

It is said that when one of the traffic police officers tried to ask the UPDF officer to remove the vehicle since it was not safe for other road users, he  pulled out a gun and tried to fix a magazine in a bid to shoot at them, prompting the traffic police officer to be joined by a colleague and they wrestled him to the ground and was consequently disarmed.

He was consequently overpowered, disarmed and arrested before being dragged to Katwe Police Station where he is currently detained.

“A case file  under  KAT SD REF 68/23/07/2022   has been opened up. The UPDF officer was arrested and we shall investigate circumstances that led to the stand off and communicate our findings,” Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire said when contacted for a comment.

Past incidents

Of late, incidents of UPDF soldiers exhibiting indiscipline, especially towards traffic police officers have increased.

For example in January, Robert Mukebezi, a traffic police officer  had to lose his leg which was amputated after being shot by a UPDF soldier.

Mukbezi was shot as he towed to Kira Road Police Station a UPDF vehicle that had been involved in an accident but during the process, a scuffle with UPDF officers ensued prompting one of them to shoot at him.

Seven months later, the culprits in the incident have never been arrested to face justice as the traffic police officer is limping with one leg after the second was amputated by medics after being shattered by the bullet.

In another incident in May, UPDF soldiers wrestled a traffic police officer for failure to stop traffic for them to pass in an incident that happened at Kyaggwe road in Kampala.

The culprits too have never been punished for the incident that underscores impunity among some UPDF soldiers.