Words making rounds on social media is that Zari Hassan’s son Raphael Junior is a member of the gay community. Not a rumor but something the young man went on to Instagram to announce on the night of Wednesday, 6th January.

According to several gossip tabloids  who managed to get a screenshot from the 60 seconds live session; we can clearly see that it was indeed Raphael’s IG page that has now been deactivated.

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As seen on the screenshot, Raphael went on to publicly announce that he was coming out.

He wrote; “I’M COMING OUT” and just to make it clear that he was proud of the man he has since become; he went on to pin asking his followers not to judge him.

He pinned; “DON’T JUDGE ME”

From the screenshot above one can clearly see that the person seen on the camera is Raphael; and since his IG is already deactivated it also means that his mum has taken all the electronic gadgets – to avoid more damage.

See Screenshot:

Raphael is believed to be around 16 or 17 years since his brother will be turning 18 years pretty soon.

Watch Video:

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