On Thursday, November 5,  Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan landed in Tanzania with her daughter Tiffah and son Nillan.

It was made clear that the two kids had been brought to Tanzania to finally meet their father, Diamond Platinumz after months of not seeing each other.

Zari had initially her kids were on the way to meet their dad but had not disclosed if she would be accompanying them.

Well, she did and they all arrived in Tanzania safe and sound, aboard a Kenya Airways plane.

The three received a very warm reception upon touchdown with Diamond availing himself to pick his kids himself.

Looking at photos and videos from the airport, you will clearly see how excited the kids and the dad were happy to reunite.

It was a series of fun time for the kids after arriving home as Diamond gave them all the attention they deserve.

For starters, they shared a warm bath in an outdoor Jacuzzi before settling in.

Diamond kept sharing photos and videos of himself enjoying quality times with his daughter and son.

In some videos, the three are seen sharing a bed, meaning Diamond got the chance to sleep with his kids and spend the entire night together, bliss.

Zari on her end claimed Diamond had stopped supporting his children hence the restriction.

Well, with her recent trip to Tanzania, it is clear they ironed out their issues and are ready to co-parent without drama.

Credit: Tuko