For some weeks, the hottest debate in the entertainment circles has been about the Big Three’s impact on the growth of Uganda’s music industry.

The argument has seen a lot of mixed reviews being shared by different stakeholders who contributed to the art business to elevate it to the level where it is apparently.

The debate has at the moment taken a new twist according to singer Mansur Ssemanda aka King Saha who claims that there is no ‘Big Three’ but the ‘Big Two’.

In his submission, the Mulilwana singer excludes Bebe Cool from the debate saying he doesn’t deserve to be celebrated together with Bobi Wine and Jose Chameleone for the efforts they have added to the local music scene.

He notes that Bebe Cool needs to pull up his socks to match his peers in order to fit in their classification.

King Saha went ahead to stress that he loves what he sees and hears in the entertainment circles reasoning that for a long the field has been boring.

He further thanked everyone who took time and paid him a visit when he was bedridden.

He reasons that he no longer takes life for granted following the life-threatening experience he underwent during the trying moment.


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King Saha is willing to give producer Didi a hand

Credit: mbu