Security Forces have noted persistent attempts by some political opposition groups in Uganda to blackmail and demonize the Government over false allegations of torture by Security Agencies.

These elements have embarked on a deliberate campaign to criticize the Government and attempted to isolate it at Regional and International forums, as well as among the development partners using the usual persuasion of human rights abuses and socio-economic challenges.

These evil schemes continue to be propagated through the mainstream and social media platforms and agitations for civil disobedience including the so-called “Kunga and Tulumbe Campaigns”.

These groups particularly the National Unity Platform (NUP) have over time made it a norm to parade people with bodily defects occasioned by normal accidents to masquerade as victims of torture inflicted on them by security personnel.

Recently, one Mwesigwa Eric was paraded before the media by NUP president Robert Kyagulanyi at NUP offices in Kamwokya, Kampala claiming that he was tortured and burnt on his chest using a flat iron by security operatives.

However, contrary to the torture narrative by NUP, it has since been established that Mwesigwa Eric was lured into a deal by NUP, and the wounds were inflicted on him by the same group after promising him monetary gains treatment with the sole purpose of maligning the Government.

Unfortunately, NUP abandoned him with his wounds without treatment and pay.  The Government is providing medical and psycho-socio support to Mwesigwa for a full recovery.

This follows other similar schemes by NUP to blackmail and isolate the Government both locally and internationally.  On 17 Nov 22, over 100 NUP elements were paraded as “torture victims” at the Uganda Human Rights Accountability conference at Ufungamano House in Nairobi, Kenya.

It was later established many of the paraded individuals were victims of normal accidents occasioned by Boda-bodas and other incidents.

They included among others Ssebuganda Richard, who lost his hand in a student’s strike at Makerere University in 2020, and Kamuswaga Moses who was injured trying to detonate a tear gas canister in 2012.

We, therefore, call upon both the local and international media to always resist lending credence to perpetual NUP lies aimed at maligning Government for political gain.

Similarly, the population is encouraged to be mindful of the sustained efforts by negative elements to spread falsehoods and radicalize especially the youth into acts of violence, subversion, and civil disobedience, among others.