Woman catches husband bonking with mistress on clinic bed || In a video that has turned into a web sensation, an unidentified mystery woman is seen storming a hospital admission room where she finds another lady on the hospital bed pretending to be a patient as runway after adultery.

The angry Jojo, (not real name) pulled the lady off the bed and punched her to pulp.

The controversial lady on sickbed is seen n#@ked fighting back while being called a bitch as her breasts! are clapping back and forth.

During the fight, the angry woman pushes the mistress to the bed hence leaving her pussy exposed. 

It is alleged that the mystery woman we named Jojo, was fighting to secure her husband from city goons.

It all started when the cheating romour reached Jojo (the wife to male nurse), who decided to check the hospital to confirm the allegations about her baby daddy. Ooooh..!! to her shock, she caught them red-handed having sweet moments.

Boom Gossip understands that Husband to Jojo is a nurse in the same hospital where the fight took place who has on many occasions been admitting his girlfriend anytime he was on night duty and they have countless b0#nking sessions in the hospital.

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