Popular Ugandan Tik Tok Arthur Kayima has at last confessed that he is Gay and has been for years but was so scared to admit since he was to be persecuted in Uganda. Living in the United Kingdom (UK) today, he has decided to confess his true feelings.

Coming into sight on an interview, Arthur Kayima stated that in Uganda, homosexuality is illegal and people are continuing to fight it day by day especially the government and religious leaders in the country.

Arthur Kayima said that someone is born gay and they never change anything about it.

I am doing this interview to talk about gays and lesbians that are not having an opportunity to come out. Us gay men who have had an opportunity to come out to countries that support us now need to give hope and support gay people we left back home,” Arthur Kayima.

With the news around everyone should be aware that Uganda and Ugandans are against LGBTQ and promoting culture.

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