At last singer Namukwaya Hajara Diana aka Spice Diana has opened up about why she unfollowed her music rival Sheebah Karungi aka Swagg maama on social media during the middle of their bitter fight on social media.

On an interview with next media’s NBS Television, Spice Diana opened up about why she unfollowed Sheebah.

When addressing Spice’s decision of unfollowing her, Sheebah revealed that she was unconcerned because she rarely pays attention to what occurs on social media.

Spice Diana confessed that,“I do that most times when I get tired of people I unfollow them.. So Yes I unfollowed Sheebah because I was tired of seeing her posts in my feeds.”

Spice Diana and Sheebah have had a silent battle for years though it was in rumours but this time round they decided to open up about it and came out to the public.