Finally it ended in tears as Momo 19 confirms she is single

BBS TV presenter  Maureen Naluwooza aka Momo 19 has confirmed speculations and rumors that have been making rounds that their love story end in tears.

“No doubt, Yes I’m Single”– Momo 19 posted on her social

Sulaiman Ssebunya aka Daxx Kartel and Momo 19 in December 2020 made things official and tied the knot in a beautiful ‘Nikah’ ceremony after a long time of bonking.

Momo 19 and Daxx Kartel
Daxx and Momo 19

According to sources, the power couple started blaming each other for cheating. Momo is alleged to have been cheating on Kartel with wealth men.

Other rumors say, Daxx was chewing Momo 19’s friend’s sumbie secretly and even got her pregnant

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