Uganda singer and CEO Mpaka records, Wycliff Tugume commonly known as Ykee Benda is over the moon after his recently released new album Kirabo made 500 sales over via his Mpaka website in just 3 days.

Ykee Benda celebrates 500 sales of Kirabo Album in 3days

The Farmer hitmaker with excitement posted via his socials and thanked his fans for the love they have showed him.

Ehhhhh thank you so much my people for using my album to buy my #KiraboAlbum , we’ve so far got 500 sales and that’s so big for a platform that you all didnt know 🙏❤️ I’m really humbled. Muli bakabi nyo banange 🙏🙏🙏. Let’s push to 1000 sales and plus ❤️It feels good when we create new ideas and people buy them 👏 VISIT now to buy kirabo album using mobile money at only 35k .” he posted

Kirabo Album has 12 tracks with different producers and instrumentalist

Congratulations Ykee

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