Love songs Ugandan singer Willy Zisabusolo, aka Liam Voice, has sent out mocking tweets about artists who used to criticize his work but are now begging for him to promote their work.

Now based in Dubai, Liam Voice has slowly turned himself into a renowned music brand in Uganda and nearby countries. His style of music, lyricism, vocals, among several other musical attributes are credited for his fame.

To his critics that saw him starting his music journey before the Covid-19 lock down, however, Liam Voice was merely a TikToker masquerading as a singer.

The ‘Dear Ex’ singer is not happy that some of those that didn’t give him much faith as he hustled his way through the music ranks are now begging for his support.

Through his Twitter on Monday, Liam questioned how people that prayed for the worst for him have forgotten all the bad they did to him and are now asking for his help in promoting their content and music on TikTok.

“What a shame! artists who used to call me all sorts of funny tags in form of lowering my ambitions are now the same people asking me to help them push their content & sounds on TikTok,” Liam tweeted on Monday evening.

“So you are all forgetting them days when you used to take me for granted saying l’m not a singer am a TikToker, when you all said I won’t go far beyond the lock down and that’s all you prayed for.

“Some of you went even far to disrespecting me in all sorts of funny ways on radio stations & TVs, throwing negatives on my music instead of advising and helping me grow. I was just a small boy in a big arcade. Mbu kati mubyelabide (have you now forgotten)?”

Liam also use the platform to give fans promise of new music as he tweeted,” #Nsazewo out soon “