Zari Hassan commonly known as the Boss Lady, has showered praises to Shakib, Mr.Lutaaya and revealed that there is something so special about him.

It should be remembered that in April, Lutaaya, married Zari in a private wedding ceremony that was held in South Africa.

According to Zari, Shakib is her first husband. With her late baby daddy, Ivan Semwanga, they only stopped at the introduction ceremony.

Since she is married at the age of 42, Zari Hassan notes that someone can get married at any age they feel like as long as they are comfortable with each other.

In a media interview, zari said “He is the first to give me a wedding ring and tell me, I want you to be my wife.

“Ssemwanga introduced me,” 

“It was public knowledge, he introduced me but we didn’t get married,” she continued.


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“Rest His Soul in Peace; He was a great person. But Lutaaya is the first to give me a wedding ring.”

Zari and Ivan Semwanga’s introduction ceremony was held in Munyonyo, Kampala in 2011.

Zari ‘charged’ Semwanga, who had initially brought 100 cows as dowry, 300, saying each 100 was for a child. They had three kids together.

“I think last year, jokingly, my husband said, I’m gonna marry you,” said Zari.

“And that’s why people always say, be careful what you manifest. Watch your tongue. He was like, I’m gonna marry you.”

She said after Shakib made the promise, she also took to Snapchat to share the news, but as a joke.

So, in April, Cham flew to South Africa and told her he had been talking to some people in the Islamic community, including Sheikhs about marrying her.